This Is Not A Storm

It is always a learning experience for us to explain what we are doing. The reason being that we are a bridge between a world filled with terms like disruption, unicorns, startups, accelerators and the world of established businesses. These two worlds are overlapping more and more. In some cases it's a collision, when well-established businesses are replaced by newcomers. We believe it shouldn't have to be - these two worlds can supplement each other. It just takes the right context. This is the reason we exist: to create the right contexts where the old and the new create something better for everyone.

The last 15 years brought a lot of changes into this world. The Internet and social media, advances in technology and business practices, outsourcing and the information-driven society. There is a powershift and it happens at an accelerating rate. The corporation designed around standardisation, hierarchy and execution is facing many challenges today and this can be sometimes overwhelming. It is also a time of amazing opportunities for established businesses.

We help organisations tackle challenges regarding culture, brand, offering and performance by creating contexts where they can have access to solutions far exceeding what is available for them right now.

There are other options for this right now:
  • strategy firms will provide recommendations
  • innovation studios will help co-create ideas
  • top accelerators will whitelabel a programme

While all these options can help some organisations, none of them go far enough to provide a workable solution that can deliver value to any organisation in a predictable, repeatable and measurable way.

Because every organisation is unique, our process is meant to match every client:
  • we start by understanding the organisation's top strategic objectives
  • our bespoke workshop emphasizes the precise opportunities and advantages available
  • in order to grasp the opportunities we design and plan a bespoke innovation programme
  • by iterating the programme we drive in results in a scalable way

This is OPEN INNOVATION, where the organisation accelerates its innovation process by partnering with those outside, sharing the risks and rewards of the outcomes. Those outside can be startups, entrepreneurs and experts. The outcomes are new partnerships, business development and PR opportunities.

If your organisation wants to innovate better, faster, easier and reach the next level of opportunities, say

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