Strategic setup

The innovation programme has to deliver relevant results to the organisation. Therefore it is important to "start with why:" identifying and anticipating the top strategic objectives the organisation wants to advance.

Innovation workshop

WHY: Your organisation should have a good perspective of all the advantages and opportunities it can grasp through an innovation programme.

HOW: Every workshop is configured to your organisation's needs. Trends and global developments for a 360 degrees perspective; innovative frameworks and tools to connect the organisation to the startup world; case studies and best practices to secure the best possible start of the innovation programme.

OUTCOME: At the end of a very practical workshop you will have a model of how your organisation's innovation programme could look and the solutions it will deliver for you.

Design and plan

WHY: A good plan clarifies possible challenges along the way. A great plan is designed to transform challenges into opportunities and deliver solutions otherwise unavailable.

HOW: Using lean methodology we avoid analysis paralysis and focus on the minimal effort for maximum results.

OUTCOME: You are armed with an actionable plan for the innovation programme that works just like a startup: designed to search for solutions that best match your organisation's strategic objectives.


WHY: You want to see not just results but a mechanism that is capable to deliver extraordinary results in a measureable and repeatable way.

HOW: We can take care of all the operational aspects of running an innovation programme (PR, communication, external relationships, deal sourcing, legal, administrative etc.)

OUTCOME: You will get the program up and running with minimal resources due to our iterative and staged approach to implementation. Our focus is on delivering for you extraordinary solutions meant to advance your strategic objectives.